Zija's Nutritionists and Scientists carefully formulated Ripstix Fitness Supplements, using natural sources, to optimize your body's response to activity. The dedicated Zija team, made up of Medical, Naturopathic, and Research Doctors, is recognized as one of the best in the industry. Together they created Zija's premier line of activity enhancing supplements and brought it to you. From the great tasting hydration alternative that's recommended for all ages, to the post workout recovery mix, Ripstix ensures your body is always efficient and at its peak.

Even more, Ripstix was created to work in a synergistic manner with Zija Core Moringa products, like XM+, to make proper use of the additional nutrients your body receives. The natural ingredients in each Ripstix product allows your body to reach its full potential all the time.

According to research many people are dehydrated and don’t even realize it. Your body requires water and electrolytes to replace what is naturally flushed from it every day. Ripstix Hydrate is the easy choice to make for thirst quenching that tastes great. Hydrate is one of the best choices to make instead of reaching for other sugar-laden, or caffeine-heavy beverages. And the best thing is that Hydrate is for all ages!